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As reknown on the derivative product French market with more than twenty years of experience in the promotional items design for major nautical events mainly, we created Publi-Voile in 2002 which provides the “Made to-measure” solution for your clothes design, promotional items and the management of your catalogues.

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Thanks to its openness to the world, Publi-Voile benefits from efficient sourcing, which allows us to pursue our development towards new business sectors :

Thus, in April 2018, we will be in charge of the commercial development and implementation of the online store of the CÔTE D'AZUR France brand and products. A new challenge thanks to the latest developments in our digital tools.

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We do not forget Sport and Sailing, with the management of the Range of the International Superyacht Cup event gathering the most beautiful monohulls of the world in Palma de Mallorca. A premium range - Textile, Accessories, Luggage and Deco with many new products - has been manufactured for the occasion and will be marketed exclusively by us until 2020.